Because of COVID-19, a lot of children have had their birthday plans disrupted. While kids can’t celebrate with their friends in person, we’re offering the next best thing, a virtual birthday party; complete with cupcakes, party favors, and games.

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Messenger Kids

Partnerships with local cupcake shops

Virtual parties complete with cupcakes, party favors, and games.

Facebook will partner with local bakeries to deliver cupcakes and party favors to party attendees. All of the profits from the parties will go to the local cupcake shops.


We’ll tell people about our new Virtual Parties feature by creating Facebook ads targeted at parents, sending notifications to parents who already have a Messenger Kids account for their kid(s), and adding Virtual Parties to the Explore options on Facebook.


Parents can book parties for their kids through the Facebook app or website.


After the party is booked, themed invitations are mailed to the home of each guest. The physical invitations are followed up by email reminders to the guest's parents.


Parents of invitees can RSVP by scanning the QR code on the invitation or clicking the link in their reminder email.


Facebook would purchase party favors and party kit packaging materials from Party City, a chain with struggling sales and a surplus of party supplies due to COVID-19. Because Party City has many of the same items in each of its 850 stores across America, they can quickly and easily send all of the party kit supplies to participating bakeries. Bakeries in the attendees area would add their cupcake to the party kit and deliver the kit and any additional cupcakes that have been ordered to each child’s home the morning of the party. 



Party activities will vary based on the party theme and the age of the children. Below are a couple examples of activities for our Harry Potter themed party: dressing up as wizards and making potions to use on your friends. To prevent complete chaos, the parent hosting the party will have the final say on when each activity starts and ends.

Play dress up
Try on themed outfits like wizard hats and cloaks.


Virtual Parties lets kids celebrate their birthdays with friends, even when they can't physically be together. When social distancing is no longer the norm, Virtual Parties will continue, so kids can celebrate their birthdays in real time with friends and family who live hundreds or  even thousands of miles away.


Art Direction: Krista Stanley (me)

Copywriting: Lauren Sitterly